Monday, 30 August 2010

Episodes of Life

Life; as we know it, is full of challenges, hardships, struggles. But the challenges of this life depends on how we handle it. How we manage to survive life's obstacles is based on how we react with it. Are we facing forward positively? Or are we backing out so easily!

When I was a child, I spoke like a child. I think as a child. I am carefree! I have no idea what would it be when I grow up. I thought that it would still be the same. Then I started to see the difference. In my teens I became curious to know the things around me. It left me wondering how it would be when I finish college. Will I still have the same friends? Will I still be able to do the things that I like most in my teens years? So many questions awaiting for an answer.

Then I finished college and started to work for a living. These phase of my life creates a lot of struggles. I started to feel changes is so over whelming and makes me sad to see a lot of frustrations. I felt so alone and boredom is my companion. Having someone might help! Getting married? Why not! But life isn't that easy.

The thought of growing old makes me sigh. And I am afraid to face the reality of getting old. How would it be to be old and weak? I saw my parents getting old. My grandparents before when they were still alive I am a fond of them. I love them so much. Would someone would love me and care for me when I get old?

People come and go in this life, and no one can escape death. How would it be when someone is about to die or we ourselves would die and face the Creator? Would God be then satisfied of all the things we have been doing? Would we be able to give an answer if God ask us what have we done with life HE gave us? All these will happened to each and everyone of us. We starts from a piece of clot, and we grow up, have a life of our own. Are we able to give justice to everything we did? I will leave these questions for you to ponder.



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