Monday, 30 August 2010


Crime! Politics! War!

Is there something different from those mentioned?

How about......Love, Peace, Hope, Freedom!
People needs love, people wants peace where they can hope for, and people needs freedom.

But where can we fine all these?

Every minute, every hour, every day we can hear crimes taking place in every part of the world. Combat operations, massacres, and homes being destroyed. We suffers! Humans are suffering! It hurts but no one listens....

Those who were concerned closes their eyes and cover their ears! They want to hide the truth; but the fact is.. our world is insane. People are dying and nature is losing.

And now I want to challenge you brethren to examine your shoes! Stop the war! Stand out and let our people be united and enjoy life! Build homes for the homeless. Feed those who are starving. Save our nature! Save the life of our youth and made people understand how important life is. Stand firmly! Have faith in the One True God and let peace and prosperity reign in your hearts.

Do all these things with happiness and sincerity. Give a smile, care, love, and peace; and the world will smiles with you.


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