Thursday, 4 November 2010

“Pursue work that you enjoy”

The message of inspiration that I am going to share to everyone is based on one of the famous Islamic proverbs quoted from the verse of Quran 13:11 that said: “Allah will never change the condition of the people until they change their ways of life themselves.”
Stress is life. Stress is anything that causes mental, physical, or spiritual tension. There is no running away from it. All that matters is how you deal with it. There is a question I read on Facebook asking “How you will handle pressures and high expectations on your work?” and I remember quoting; “Leave it to their belly as long as I am doing my job well. I don’t care”.
When we were still in our early years of education we often think of a kind of job that would satisfy us when we grow up. And I would like to ask all of us here: How many of us are happy working on our job as Paramedics in the Ambulance? Are we contented and still happy doing our tasks or are we all stressed and burned-out and pressures seemed to be overwhelming! People Working on the medical field such as Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and all jobs pertaining to healthcare has one sense in common which is giving care to sick and that’s what we are doing here in our chosen career. But sometimes the repetition and routine of this career causes boredom to the people engaged on this kind of job especially since man by our very nature tires from a lack of change. So how we will overcome this issue? For over a decade of working and meeting a lot of people from all walks of life I only found two characters of a working man. One who works because he likes being paid by doing the job he loves, and the other is working for the sake of being paid. And there is a huge difference between the two. So many of us here changes career overtime because of so many reasons but we really cannot point a single finger which reasons best described our choice of living our previous jobs.
According to studies a high rate of success stories in general is documented to professionals who pursue a work that they enjoy even if they are likely receives lesser salaries, but it is the nature of the job itself that inspired them.  When a Nurse, or a Paramedic, and or healthcare worker happy doing his job it shows on how he handles his patients. He would likely to be careful and gentle with sympathy and sincerity dealing with the sick. But when a Nurse, or a Paramedic, or a Doctor deals his patient or a client bitterly, impatiently and with lack of hostility then, it is a manifestation of boredom and stress. We choose this career, and it is our obligation to do and fulfil our given tasks in a manner that benefits both, the clients (means the patient), the department, and ourselves.
We are susceptible to commit mistakes because we are created weak and imperfect. But we have to do the best that we can in this life, in this place, and in our job, and that’s the only way to overcome pressures, boredom, idleness, and high expectations from anyone. Because no matter how good we are, we cannot expect gratitude from everybody. People will always trying to find flaws in everything that we do and in our characters. We must deal with it positively and take it as a chance to improve ourselves. For if we dreamed of being accepted and loved by all, we are only dreaming the impossible, because that desire is unattainable.  Thank you and good luck to everyone.


At 4 November 2010 at 13:03 , Blogger Mariam Tan said...

This will be my message to all medics on the 7th of November 2010 during our get together here in Dubai!


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